Sotheby’s launches “own-label Champagne

This week, Sotheby’s has made auction-house history by becoming the first auction house to launch its own Champagne.

Sotheby’s “own label” Non-Vintage Champagne is made from 100% Grand Cru Chardonnay, sourced from the house of R&L LEGRAS, Chouilly.

R&L LEGRAS founded in 1808 supplies many of Europe’s 3 star Michelin restaurants with their house Champagne, including La Tour d’Argent, Guy Savoy and Ledoyen.

Jamie Ritchie, CEO of Sotheby’s Wine in the US and Asia, described the wine as ‘light, fresh and elegant’ – ‘I have been enjoying R&L Legras Champagnes for over 20 years and am delighted that Julien Barbier agreed to produce Sotheby’s Champagne for us.’

Sotheby’s Tasting Notes and Comments

“Light, fresh, elegant, but serious. It is very versatile and suitable for any occasion – the sort of Champagne that you can drink all night! The quality is first rate and it offers excellent value for money – each time we taste it, which has been very frequently, we are surprised how terrific it is.”

Sotheby’s Champagne will be served at most Sotheby’s events in New York, London and Hong Kong and are available for sale online and in the company’s retail store in New York for US$29.95/bottle and $69.95/magnum.


Liz Palmer




Moët & Chandon launches Moët Rosé Impérial at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Love was in the air as Moët & Chandon enthusiasts gathered at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last week to launch the limited edition Moët Rosé Impérial “Tag Your Love” bottle pack.

Fashionistas and socialites sipped flutes of Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial and declared their feelings towards loved ones through personalized champagne bottles.

Reflecting the brand’s fun and flirty style, the iconic Moët Rosé Impérial bottle is dressed in pink and comes with a marker.

“In true Moët & Chandon style, the limited edition Rosé Impérial ‘Tag Your Love’ bottle is given a fresh take, while still representing the unique characteristics discovered within the bottle,” enthused Frederick Noyere, managing director of Moët Hennessy Diageo Malaysia. “Moët’s signature bottles will always be synonymous as tributes to special events, and we can’t think of a better time to launch this limited edition bottle.”

With a background of symphony music, guests were privy to delectable strawberries and jazz vocals by Poova.

Rosé Impérial is touted as a seductive expression, combining the intensity of Pinot Noir, the fruitiness of Pinot Meunier and the finesse of Chardonnay. It is distinguished by heady, sensual aromas; a lively bouquet of fresh summer berries with floral nuances and a light peppery touch.

Liz Palmer

Champagne Launch: Moët & Chandon’s Golden Premium Jeroboam… “Message ON a Bottle”

Lavishly wrapped in gold leaves and hand-gilt by French artisan Arthus Bertrand, each limited edition Golden Premium Jeroboam will come with a marked gold medallion and an Epernay wax seal. The traditional handcrafted Moet & Chandon ribbon is also part of the luxe bottle’s decoration. Moët & Chandon has made each bottle unique, by offering a special pen so the consumer can create a special moment of celebration. Personalization is very important in Moet & Chandon’s tradition, they have created numerous custom bottles for special events, including the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and the wedding of Grace of Monaco.

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Champagne Krug launches ID code … a new way of communicating with consumers in the digital age

Champagne Krug has recently launched ID codes for its top non-vintage blend “Grande Cuvée”. This ID code will detail disgorgement date, and will link to harvest conditions in the years, which the wine is based.

“We know that Krug lovers are interested in how Grande Cuvée ages and this information will enable those with several different blends in their cellars in five years’ time to see which is the oldest” says Olivier Krug, who was recently London for the launch of Krug Vintage 2000 and Clos du Mesnil 2000.

Liz Palmer

Get ready to raise your flute… Award-Winning Flûte Champagne Bar is set to open in London on December 8th


Flûte was created in 1997 by founder/owner Hervé Rousseau, in a space on West 54th Street NYC. As a native Parisian, Hervé was inspired by his experience in the wine industry to combine New York’s unparalleled cocktail culture with a French attitude towards champagne, where no one waits for a special occasion to pop open a bottle of bubbly.
Flûte is most famous for their extensive list of champagnes. The London location promises to be more of the same – a place where London’s glitterati can get together and enjoy a glass or bottle of bubbly in stylish surroundings.


The London branch of Flute will follow the concept of the New York bars, featuring five private booths tailor-made for business or pleasure with their own volume and light controls.


Music will play a key part in the Flûte Bar & Lounge offering, with a playlist created by top New York DJs Duane Harriott and Alec DeRuggiero. The venue will also present a full schedule of weekly and monthly events, including live jazz.


Champagnes on offer will include vintage, non-vintage, prestige cuvée, rosé and boutique together with fabulous rare grower champagnes from choice vineyards. In addition, Flûte Bar & Lounge will premiere exciting new varieties such as Drappier Brut Nature Zero Dosage rosé and also serve some killer cocktails …so I’ve been told!

There will be approx.100 Champagnes by the bottle and 25 by the glass, with prices starting at £5 for a glass and £45 for a bottle – with today’s market, this is affordable!


There will be an innovative menu of light bites, spearheaded by a spring roll bar serving no less than 20 different fusion creations, an ideal accompaniment to a glass of chilled champagne.

WHO GOES: To be determined.


Flûte Bar & Lounge
4 Great Portland Street,