Pinot Noir resurgence in Alsace with two AOC’s

Pinot Noir can now be included as part of the AOC Alsace Grand Crus in two territories which has been a long-awaited move for a grape variety that has perhaps been overlooked in the region.

France’s appellation body, the National Institute of origin and quality (INAO) had formally approved the addition of Pinot Noir to the list of varieties that are permitted in Grand Cru Kirchberg de Barr (Barr, Bas-Rhin) and Grand Cru Hengst (Wintzenheim, Haut-Rhin). The move officially ratifies Pinot Noir Grand Crus from these two prestigious terroirs for the 2022 vintage.

The amendment noted that vines intended for the production of red wines in Alsace grand cru Hengst should have a density minimum plantation of 5,500 vines per hectare, with vines in Alsace grand cru Kirchberg de Barr having a minimum planting density of 5,000 vines per hectare and an average maximum yield of 7,000 kg per hectare.

Twenty years ago, Pinot Noir represented 8.5% of Alsace’s total vineyard area. Today, that figure has risen to 11%. The changes mean that Hengst and Kirchberg de Barr are now currently the only AOC Alsace Grand Cru reserved for white wines and still reds, with the first to be released from the 2022 vintage.

According to some producers, getting to this point has been a twenty-year journey, and marks the renaissance of the variety in the region – which has grown from around 8% of hectarage under vine to 11% now – as well as recognition of the work carried out by existing producers of these wines.

The new rules means that these two AOCs can produce both white wines and still reds, the CIVA hopes that this will be expanded to include other AOC Grand Crus in the region over the next few years. Currently, there are 51 AOC Alsace Grand Crus, 49 of which can make Grand Cru wines from just five grape varieties (Gewurztraminer, Muscat, Pinot Gris and Riesling, and Sylvaner, which was also added by the INAO in May).

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Wine Review: 2019 Domaine Eleni et Edouard Vocoret Chablis “Les Pargues”

About last night…. 

During my meeting last night, I discover this stunning wine …

what an adventure in a glass!

2019 Domaine Eleni et Edouard Vocoret Chablis “Les Pargues”

Pale yellow colour, impressive nose of orange and lemon zest, the palate is lean and fresh, good ripeness of fruit with lovely mineral though out – develops steadily as it warmed up, long length. A stunning wine!

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The École des Vins de Bourgogne announce “New Immersive Tasting Workshops”

The École des Vins de Bourgogne is now offering four new workshops at the Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie et du Vin in Dijon.

These four innovative workshops will offer a visual, audio, and a gustatory experience.

Price ranges: €20-€29

Time: 40 minutes to one hour

Maximum number of participants: 18

All courses are open to people with mobility issues


  • An Introduction to wine tasting: Decode the techniques and vocabulary of wine tasting and learn how to describe a wine in terms of how it looks, smells, and tastes.

Three wines, €20 per person

  • The Impact of vintage: This workshop explores the bearing a vintage might have on a wine, and explores single varietal cultivation, typical in Bourgogne, how a wine changes over time, and aging potential.

Three wines, €20 per person

  • Bourgogne Terroir Wines: Learn about the notion of terroir in Bourgogne through grape varietals, winegrower expertise, the hierarchy of the 84 appellations, and the Climats.

Four wines, €20 per person

  • Food and Wine pairings: Explore the diversity of Bourgogne wines by pairing them with local gastronomy. Tasting of five wines with five regional specialties.

Five wines, €29 per person

For more information and to register, visit the École des Vins de Bourgogne website at

If you are currently traveling through France, drop by……bookings are now open!

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Cru Bourgeois Classification Raises the Environmental Bar

L’Alliance des Crus Bourgeois du Médoc announced this week, by press release, that it has significantly raised its environmental standards.

Route des Chateaux, Vineyard in Medoc, amous wine estate of Bordeaux wine, Gironde, France

from the next reclassification exercise (in 2025), all wineries designated crus bourgeois will be required to have demonstrated HEV Level 2 environmental certification. Those seeking classification at Supérieur and Exceptionnel level will be required to have HEV Level 3 certification.

In addition, from 2022, all properties seeking to use their crus bourgeois certification will need to present their wines in bottles that weight no more than 390g (a 22% decrease in the current maximum bottle weight).

The organization states: “with sustainability in mind, the Crus Bourgeois du Médoc has shifted to bottles with less weight. The classification was eager to become a part of the global movement towards more sustainable bottling and packaging, as championed by the famous wine critic Jancis Robinson”.

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France Adds A New Appellation – Côtes du Rhône Villages Laudun

The village of Laudun in the Côtes du Rhône is set to become its own AOP likely by its 2023 vintage, following decades of lobbying.

News emerged last week after officials from France’s national appellations body, the INAO, presented their findings on the move back in December and following a vote by local winemakers.

The next step will be a public inquiry by the INAO in the three communes that make up the Laudun production area in order to establish the official area of production (which will cover over 1000 hectares (2500 acres). The appellation is expected to be formally inaugurated in June this year although the title will likely not be seen on labels until 2023.

“It will be the conclusion of a great undertaking,” Luc Pélaquié, head of the Laudun winegrowers’ union, told regional newspaper Midi Libre. “I salute the hard work and spirit of the winegrowers who have labored for the future of local viticulture.”

The Côtes du Rhône Villages Laudun title encompasses the communes of Laudun, Saint-Victor-la-Coste et Tresques in the Gard department on the right bank (west) of the Rhône, north of Lirac and Tavel, and over the river from (and to northwest of) Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Vineyards in Laudun currently cover around 560 hectares (1400 acres).

The region is known for being one of the largest producers of white wines of the Villages. Laudun whites, predominantly from Grenache Blanc and Clairette (although Viognier, Bourboulenc, Marsanne and Roussanne may also figure) make up around a quarter of all production in the area.

Reds are predominantly blended from Grenache and Syrah, with the former being just proportionally larger in terms of overall vineyard plantings. Mourvèdre, Carignan and Cinsault can also figure in minor proportions.

In total, the region produces just under two million liters of wine a year through 18 wine estates, six cooperative wineries and 18 négoce operations. Over half of all Laudun production is sold in retail outlets in France while a quarter of production is exported to UK, China/Hong Kong, US, Belgium and Sweden.

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