New Direct Line from London to Bordeaux to Launch in 2026

The “wine train” a new direct train line launching in 2026 will transport you from London to Bordeaux in just five hours!

Currently, anyone making the journey will need to get a flight or two trains: the Eurostar from St Pancras to Paris’ Gare du Nord and a TGV service from Paris’ Montparnasse station to Bordeaux.

A spokesman for HSI, which operates the UK Eurostar route, said there was a “clear demand” for a direct train route from London to Bordeaux, and said they were aiming to begin in 2026.

The direct train is still in the planning stages. The new direct train line is also expected to pave the way for future wine trains. This is the ultimate aim from HSI chief exec Dyan Crowther (behind the UK leg of the Channel Tunnel railway line), is hoping to open a series of new routes from 2026 in a bid to offer lower carbon emission alternatives.

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Searcys St Pancras Grand Champagne Bar refreshes guest experiences with refurbishment just in time for the Olympics!

Searcys St Pancras Grand Champagne Bar is ready to provide a bubbly welcome to visitors arriving in London through St Pancras International Station for the Games or to meet-up with friends!

Europe’s longest Champagne bar has undergone a £250,000 refurbishment, which includes heated seats, new signage, and the additional of a “Champagne Button” in the booths (for guests to alert a waiter when their glass needs refilling).

The Champagne list is quite extensive which includes grower Champagnes, and the largest selection of Grand Marque houses in the UK. The most extraordinary selections are available by the glass, which is the most extensive of any bar in Europe and varies from 15 to 30.

The carefully produced list includes a Glossary and a ‘Size Matters’ section to help educate Champagne novices to choose the right size and taste! Range and size where all are represented on the list from Magnum to Nebuchadnezzar.

Situated on the upper Grand Terrace of St Pancras International station overlooking the platforms where Eurostar trains arrive and depart who knows which Olympic athlete you will see or sit beside!


Liz Palmer