Bacardi Announces Its Bottled Cocktail Range “Tails”

Bacardi has announced that it will be extending the availability of its bottled cocktails range “Tails” to the off-trade.

The range, which uses Bacardi’s portfolio of premium brands for the hospitality industry, promises a bar-quality cocktail within 30 seconds.

“Over the last two years, cocktail awareness has boomed as people served up daiquiris, espresso martini cocktails and mojitos to make staying-in feel extra special,” said Evert-Jan Bos, general manager of Tails.

“Now, as the on-trade reopens, consumers are enjoying the experience of being back in the bar and they’re ordering cocktails more than ever before.”

“Tails Cocktails offer both incredible taste and convenience, making it easier than ever for people to enjoy the same flavour and complexity of a cocktail made from scratch, without any effort or expertise. No shopping for ingredients, no measuring, no recipes – just add ice, shake and pour.”

There are five cocktails in the Tails range: the Rum Daiquiri made with Bacardí rum; the Whisky Sour made with Dewar’s Blended Scotch; the Gin Gimlet which uses Bombay Sapphire; the Espresso Martini Cocktail and Passion Fruit Martini Cocktail, both made with 42Below vodka.

“Tails” will be available in April in supermarkets, retailers and online across the UK and Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Australia.  We are waiting to hear about availability in Canada and US.

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North America’s Best 50 Bars list launches this summer

The World’s 50 Best Bars, sponsored by Perrier, will launch its North America list this summer!

The awards will be held in New York City June 7, 2022. Mark Sansom, content editor for 50 Best, is confident that the new list will become a key part of the global bar industry.

“The bar scene and extensive talent across this region set the tone for the rest of the world, and we are confident that this new list will be a vital addition to the international bar landscape as bar-goers plan their next cocktail-led adventures,” said Sansom.

“We are especially delighted to bring our inaugural North America’s 50 Best Bars awards ceremony to the city of New York, a vibrant cocktail heartland that has long established itself as a ubiquitous force in the bar universe, having provided The World’s Best Bar in our global list on three occasions.”

The inaugural North America’s 50 Best Bars awards ceremony and unveiling of the list provides a unique opportunity to unite bartenders, bar owners, cocktail aficionados and drinks media from all over the region at a captivating celebration, shining a light on the best in hospitality, while also promoting the strength and diversity of the region’s bar scene as a whole to a global audience.

The inaugural ranking for North America’s 50 Best Bars will reflect the best bar experiences based on the votes of more than 250 gender-balanced voters, made up of anonymous North American bar industry experts which includes bartenders, bar owners, drinks media and cocktail connoisseurs from USA, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

For more details

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SOBAR: The World’s 1st Food Designed to Reduce Alcohol Absorption

Recently I attended a virtual Mixology Masterclass hosted by a SOBAR founder, Food Scientist Dr. Joseph Fisher and Mixologist and Bar Above founder, Chris Tunstall.

What I learned was that SOBAR is a unique protein bar and is the world’s first food specifically designed to reduce alcohol absorption.

How it works is that you eat one SOBAR before consuming (at least) two drinks. This will reduce peak alcohol levels and total absorption by 50%! WOW, I was surprised and excited to hear this and see if it works.

While enjoying a delicious Margarita-based on 1800 Silver Tequila, I had a chance to learn about the science behind the unique alco-hold formula, which is the advanced food technology that helps alcohol absorption and much more!

I ate one bar before enjoying 2 Margaritas and found out that I was feeling like I had just one. I can’t say that if I drink 4 cocktails it would help, but with two drinks it worked for me.

SOBAR protein bar won a gold award at the Specialty Food Association’s (SFA) sofi™ competition. Out of 1500 products competing, SOBAR was the first in the Wellness Bar & Gel category as a part of the SFA 2021 sofi™ Awards. The sofi™ Awards competition is open annually to members of the SFA since 1972.

I have huge respect for Dr. Fischer and his phenomenal invention.
Thank you so Chris Tunstall for making it possible to enjoy a great classic cocktail while listening to the science behind SOBAR.

Tell us in the comments, have you ever heard about SOBAR?
By @serjinio_daragan

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The World’s 50 Best Bars 2021 Are Revealed

The 2021 edition of the World’s Best 50 Bars was announced this week at an awards ceremony in London, UK.

London holds the top two spots while New York has two spots in the top 30.

It’s also a notably more international affair than usual, with 17 countries represented in the top 50, and with 18 new entries spread across Australia, India, Mexico, Russia, Argentina, Sweden, Spain, China and the UAE.

London’s Connaught Bar took the No.1 spot as well as was awarded The Best Bar in Europe title for the second consecutive year.

Under the leadership of Agostino Perrone, Connaught Bar presents artful, modern drinks with graceful service in an elegant setting. Designed by the late David Collins, the Cubist-inspired bar is known for its unique Martini trolley, where bartenders give a highly personalized drinks experience to guests.

Other bars in the top five are London destination Tayēr + Elementary (No.2), rising star Paradiso in Barcelona (No.3), Athens favorite The Clumsies (No.4) and the acclaimed Florería Atlántico in Buenos Aires (No.5). The full list can be viewed list

Cocktail lovers add these drinking destinations to your 2022 bucket list!

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Liz Palmer: Interview with Frankie Solarik the visionary behind BarChef

My recent interview with Frankie Solarik, a cutting-edge mixologist, leader on the global cocktail scene and owner of BarChef.  BarChef is located on Queen Street West, in the City of Toronto.

Frankie Solarik really needs no introduction, but for some newbies in the trade, Frankie is well-known in Canada and around the world as a pioneer of a progressive and contemporary approach to cocktails, he’s a mixologist not afraid to use frozen carbon dioxide blowtorches, and other tools when creating his cocktails.

Here is the link to my interview:

or can be found at @lizpalmer_  (Instagram)

Questions asked:

    Who is Frankie Solarik ?

    What the philosophy behind BarChef?

    How many Mixologists do you currently have on staff ?

    Can you tell us what cocktails are currently popular at BarChef ?

    You wrote and published the book (The Bar Chef a Modern Approach To Cocktails) – tell us the background of why you wrote this book and is there a followup edition?

    Let’s talk about bottled cocktails, the popularity of which is keep growing, how did you come to the idea of making your own bottled cocktails?

    And what are the key features that make BarChef bottled cocktails special?

    Can you tell us how you came up with Late Harvest Vesper and Toasted Old Fashioned?

    We heard about a new release from BarChef: Fall 2021 Collection. Tell us about seasonal bottled cocktails. And where can you purchase them?

“I can personally say that being “in person” at BarChef with Frankie Solarik and tasting the Late Harvest Vesper and Toasted Old Fashioned, was definitely worth the experience!”

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