Get ready to raise your flute… Award-Winning Flûte Champagne Bar is set to open in London on December 8th


Flûte was created in 1997 by founder/owner Hervé Rousseau, in a space on West 54th Street NYC. As a native Parisian, Hervé was inspired by his experience in the wine industry to combine New York’s unparalleled cocktail culture with a French attitude towards champagne, where no one waits for a special occasion to pop open a bottle of bubbly.
Flûte is most famous for their extensive list of champagnes. The London location promises to be more of the same – a place where London’s glitterati can get together and enjoy a glass or bottle of bubbly in stylish surroundings.


The London branch of Flute will follow the concept of the New York bars, featuring five private booths tailor-made for business or pleasure with their own volume and light controls.


Music will play a key part in the Flûte Bar & Lounge offering, with a playlist created by top New York DJs Duane Harriott and Alec DeRuggiero. The venue will also present a full schedule of weekly and monthly events, including live jazz.


Champagnes on offer will include vintage, non-vintage, prestige cuvée, rosé and boutique together with fabulous rare grower champagnes from choice vineyards. In addition, Flûte Bar & Lounge will premiere exciting new varieties such as Drappier Brut Nature Zero Dosage rosé and also serve some killer cocktails …so I’ve been told!

There will be approx.100 Champagnes by the bottle and 25 by the glass, with prices starting at £5 for a glass and £45 for a bottle – with today’s market, this is affordable!


There will be an innovative menu of light bites, spearheaded by a spring roll bar serving no less than 20 different fusion creations, an ideal accompaniment to a glass of chilled champagne.

WHO GOES: To be determined.


Flûte Bar & Lounge
4 Great Portland Street,

Miami’s Beaudevin Wine Bar is Tres Magnifique!

Hues of green line the interior and exterior of Beaudevin while upbeat, popular music fills the air. You know the songs – they’re the ones you hum to. The atmosphere is so relaxing that you’ll forget you’re in an airport. Keep an eye on that time so you don’t miss your flight!

Beaudevin is my favorite spot in MIA and is a one-of-a-kind airport wine bar. Located in Terminal D right across from gate D24, I find myself here every single time I’m in Miami, no matter my departure gate (thanks to the Sky Train, which makes galavanting around Terminal D very easy). In fact, this morning I sat down at the bar for a pre-departure mimosa and breakfast. My adorable, attentive server, Andrea, actually recognized me from previous visits. It’s kindness like Andrea’s that really make the Beaudevin experience a gold medal one.

The stemware here is gorgeous. My champagne flute is very tall and luxurious. The wine glasses are so elegant and weighty that you automatically stick that pinky finger out when drinking from them. Love this attention-to-detail.

Speaking of wine glasses, three charming chandeliers dangle gracefully from the ceiling. What’s so special about that? They’re adorned with wine glasses! Clever and cute!

The menu is well rounded and perfectly suited to Beaudevin’s impressive wine menu. Following is just a teeny sampling of Beaudevin’s not-so-standard wine list. Since I’m a chardonnay & cabernet drinker, that’s what I’ll focus on here because that’s what I’m familiar with. As a side note, reds dominate the wine list. However, there are enough whites and bubblies to make everyone happy.

The Sky Team

PERCHING BAR….More Than A Champagne Bar

Forget the traditional champagne bar – the Perching Bar has just the set the “bar” extremely high on being unique…. so high, in fact, that you are 18 feet up above the trees.

Recently launched, and under the ownership of Olivier Couteau, the Perching Bar is the world’s only Champagne bar in the trees. It is in the midst of Parc Arboxygene, an extreme adventure park in Verzy, France. Situated in the heart of the Champagne region, it is a mere 15 minute car ride from Reims or Epernay.

Access to the Perching Bar is by a wooden walkway. Venturing through the lush forest, up two wooden bridges you come to a suspended 60-meter footbridge – What an amazing view!

La Cabane Perchee, the company that designed the Perching Bar has kept the classic exterior tree-house structure including the stilts. The design concept has a wrap-around wooden terrace complete with puffy sofas, armchairs, and stools for 30 guests. Here you have magnificent views of the zip lines, lush treetops, and the region.

Once inside the bar, you are greeted by a contemporary interior that is chic-simple. With lots of natural wood and white leather seating, it also comes complete with 4 swings. The Perching Bar is also eco-friendly – all the lighting is supplied by solar panels.

Here you can swing while enjoying the views and a perfect glass of champagne! The Champagne List – by the glass or by the bottle, Olivier is the curator. He currently offers a selection of Champagnes from smaller producers to Grandes Maisons:

Champagne Pehu Simonet
Champagne G.H. Mumm
Champagne Bollinger
Louis de Sacy Champagne

The Perching Bar is a glamorous winter playground and the place to be on Thursday through Sunday for a glass of bubbly!

The Perchingbar will be open from 21 March to 31 December each year, from Thursday to Sunday in the high season and just at the weekend out of season.

51380 VERZY
tel. : +33 (0) 6 89 44 73 68
E-mail: @ olivier.couteau

The Fairmont Nile City just launched a new Champagne Bar

The Fairmont Nile City has a new Champagne Bar with a fabulous little trio, led by singer Princess Soi-Soi, and a list of killer cocktails.

Whether it’s pre-drinks for Tamarai (a bar at the Nile City Towers) or an after work gossip session, Fairmont’s new Champagne Bar is the venue for extravagance. What better way to network than over a tall glass of bubbly love and a cheesy pretzel snack.

If the bar’s opening last night is any indication, there really is no better way. A gathering of PR and entertainment folk with a penchant for a good party, the Champagne Bar inauguration was lacking only in seating.

Reactions were positive – with the venue coming into itself as a casual chat spot for stiletto sporting execs.

As an expert eavesdropper, reported comments included, “the service is impeccable,” “the pianist is great,” and “the champagne is delicious…. what is this?” On the other hand, there seemed to be a general feeling that the Champagne Bar is small – meaning it will never be a ‘hang out’ – if it was ever meant to be.

The Fairmont staff has really gone out of its way for the life of the lobby side spot and with all the positive feedback, maybe they will consider picking a bigger area of the hotel to magnify their efforts for a larger and more permanent crowd.

Cairo, Egypt