Champagne Sales Topped $6.5 billion as Exports Surge

The official 2022 shipments from Champagne were released yesterday showing a year-end total of 326 million bottles.  Total shipments increased 1.6%. This is the highest annual figure in 15 years, and third greatest since the 1999 pre-Millennium surge.

Driving growth rates for Champagne shipments in 2022 have been exports of the fizz, which were up 4.3% in 2022, taking the final sum to 187.5m bottles, compared to 138.4m bottles distributed within France, a decline of 1.7% on 2021.

The Comité Champagne pointed out that the market share for exports versus domestic demand has changed significantly over the past decade, with the proportion of Champagne exports rising from 45% 10 years ago to 57% today.

While the shipments in 2022 were restricted by supply, with shortages resulting from growing demand during a time of reduced output from the region, the Comité Champagne expressed confidence concerning stocks in the future following the “sunny 2022 harvest, which was remarkable both for its quantity and quality”.

The combination of increasing shipment volumes in 2022, coupled with higher Champagne prices; a product of limited supply, rising production costs, and greater sales of pricier cuvées; have pushed up the value of shipments to a new record, with the global sum surpassing $6.5 billion for the first time.

Champagne shipments [bottles] 2022-1999:

2022: 326m

2021: 320m

2020: 245m

2019: 297.5m

2018: 301.9m

2017: 307.3m

2016: 306.1m

2015: 313m

2014: 307m

2013: 305m

2012: 309m

2011: 323m

2010: 319m

2009: 293m

2008: 322.5

2007: 338.7

2006: 321.8

2005: 307.7m

2004: 301.4

2003: 293.5

2002: 287.7

2001: 262.7m

2000: 253.2m

1999: 327m

Source: Comité Champagne

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