Champagne News: 2017 Harvest

At a meeting this past week in Epernay, CIVC, Champagne growers and houses agreed to set the available yield for the 2017 harvest at “10,800 kilograms per hectare, including 500 kg/ha to be released from the “reserve”.

This decision is based on favorable agronomic prospects, to date estimated between 10,000 and 11,000 kg/ha, with a very healthy vineyard, due to summer weather since mid-May.
The growing cycle of the vine is about ten days ahead of the ten-year average.
The beginning of the harvest is expected in late August, which would make it one of the five earliest in the history of Champagne.

The available yield of 10,800 kg/ha gives Champagne growers and houses the means to meet the growing market demand. Champagne shipments for the first six months of 2017 have grown by 2.9%, export volumes rose sharply, to over 9% overall and in particular outside the European Union (+ 17.9%).

If this trend goes on, it could lead to a record 2017 turnover for Champagne.

Source: CIVC