Narcisse Tea & Champagne Lounge: Pairing Tea or Champagne with a Scottsdale Twist

Offering the tradition of a spot of tea or a flute of Champagne with a Scottsdale twist is Narcisse Tea & Champagne Lounge, located in the Scottsdale Quarter.

“Champagne is wine with bubbles,” states Narcisse’s co-owner Tom Zummo who has travelled the world and brought the idea of pairing high quality tea with the sophistication of champagne.

With over 125 Champagnes by-the-bottle to choose from (including non-vintage, vintage, grower-producer, prestige cuvées, and rosé) and over 65 Champagnes by-the-glass.

With a relaxing day vibe comes a hip evening with DJ’s and the popping sounds of champagne. Nothing says celebration like the bubbles of champagne or the soothing scents of teas.

Price: ***

Neighbourhood: Scottsdale, AZ

Cross Street: Scottsdale and Greenway/Hayden

Executive Chef: Nate Wood

Cuisine: Tapas / Small Plates, Global, International

Dining Style: Casual Elegant

Dress Code: Smart Casual



Narcisse Tea & Champagne Lounge
At The Scottsdale Quarter
15257 North Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale AZ
(480) 588-2244

World’s Millionaire Ranks Seen Soaring Through 2020

The rich keep getting richer, both in the United States and especially in the world’s emerging markets.

Public and private investments controlled by the richest families are expected to more than double in value to $202 trillion (122.66 trillion pounds) by 2020, from $92 trillion this year, according to survey of millionaires in 25 countries by Deloitte LLP.

Meanwhile the ranks of families with more than a million dollars will also increase, by two-thirds to 55.5 million in the developed world. They will more than double to 10 million in emerging markets such as China, India and Brazil.

Still, Deloitte predicts the bulk of the world’s wealthiest families will continue to be found in the United States and Europe, despite the wealth management industry’s obsession with emerging markets.

“There’s no question these markets are of fundamental importance over the long term, but wealth managers can’t overlook the value of their home base,” said Andrew Freeman, executive director of the Deloitte Centre for Financial Services.

Deloitte notes that China, Brazil, Russia and other emerging markets are minting new millionaires at a faster rate than established markets, powered by economic expansion, commodity prices and development.

Across 10 emerging markets, millionaire household wealth is seen tripling to $25 trillion from $7 trillion this year. By 2020 China will likely join the ranks of the top 10 richest economies with $3.6 trillion of wealth.

India’s average millionaire would be wealthier than the average American millionaire.

Among emerging markets, Deloitte expects China to continue to be the driving force in the growth of millionaire wealth, followed by Brazil and Russia. In the developed markets, Australia and Singapore will have the fastest growth rate of millionaire households.

Millionaires in Singapore, a hub for wealth management in the Far East, may surpass Switzerland as the world’s highest per millionaire wealth by 2015 with $4.5 million, according to the study, conducted by Oxford Economics.

That said, the United States is likely to remain home to the most millionaires, doubling to 20 million households by 2020 from this year. The total wealth among U.S. millionaires will reach $87 trillion by 2020, an annual growth rate of 9 percent.

As a result, Deloitte’s Freeman said banks, brokers and trusts have plenty of growth opportunities in states like California, Florida and New Jersey, which has the greatest density of U.S. millionaires.

Wealth in the study includes financial assets (stocks, bonds, and other investments) and nonfinancial assets including primary residence, durables, business equity and other assets.


For Mother’s Day, the Answer Is Dry Rosé from Provence

Honor the women in your life this Mother’s Day with a glass or two of dry rosé wine from the Provence region of France. Provence is the birthplace of dry rosé and the world’s leading rosé region. Made from red grapes, rosé from Provence are elegant wines – they have the body of red wine and the crispness of white. They are refreshing, very versatile, and pair well with a variety of cuisines.

“Wine aficionados know that dry rosés from Provence are celebratory wines, and Mother’s Day is one of those perfect occasions,” said Francois Millo, director of the CIVP/Provence Wine Council. Whether served with a casual brunch or a formal family dinner, rosé will complement the Mother’s Day meal from beginning to end – from poached salmon to ripe berries to rich chocolate truffles.

With the growing fashion in dry rosé, a bottle of Provençal rosé will enhance the day for wives, mothers, grandmothers, and aunts alike. “I’m delighted to see the rising appreciation for dry rosé from Provence on North American shores,” said Millo.

An affordable luxury, Provence rosé is typically priced between $12 and $20 per bottle, making it one of the best values in fine wine on the market today.

The $100,000 Midas Champagne Bottle

The myth of King Midas, the man who was blessed (and cursed) with the ability to turn anything he touched to gold, has inspired many things but few as lavish as Midas bottle from Armand de Brignac. According to wine bottle naming code, Melchizedek is the term usually used to describe a 30-liter vessel equivalent to 40 regular-sized 750ml bottles but perhaps Midas makes more sense for this bottle which weighs in at 100 pounds.

We’ve written about Armand de Brignac before. The luxury Champagne from the award-winning Champagne Cattier chateau of Chigny-les-Roses, France is instantly identifiable by the dramatic Ace of Spades insignias on its bottle. In the last few years it has become a celebrity favorite. Armand de Brignac has three cuvees: Brut Gold, Rose and Blanc de Blancs.

The first Midas bottle of Armand de Brignac sold for $100,000 at the XS nightclub in Las Vegas’ Encore casino. Mixed martial arts and UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez hosted his UFC 125 after-party joined by fighters Gilbert Melendez, Urijah Faber, Jake Shields, and UFC announcer Bruce Buffer. Two strongmen were needed to carry the bottle to the table of the anonymous high-roller who made the purchase. No word on what happened to the bottle afterward.

Champagne Cuvée R. Lalou Vintage 1999 from The House of G.H. MUMM

One of the true Grand Marque Houses of Champagne, G.H. MUMM, has paid tribute to one of its great custodians with the New Zealand release of a remarkable Grand Cru Prestige Cuvée – Cuvée R. Lalou 1999.

René Lalou is a legendary figure in Champagne; a man of law, a man of letters, and an art lover. He led the Maison G.H. MUMM for over half a century, from 1920 until his death in 1973 and on two separate occasions he breathed new life into Maison G.H. MUMM: he is the man who rescued the Maison’s terroir, destroyed first by phylloxera and then later by WWII.

For almost half a century, travelling the length and breadth of each of his vineyard plots, René Lalou pulled up, regrafted, replanted and reorganised the entire G.H. MUMM vineyards that, under his supervision, grew from 50 hectares to almost 100 just before WWII.

After working so hard in each of the plots for almost half a century, it is little wonder that René Lalou developed such a special relationship with the land. He wanted everybody to feel, to touch, to taste the most perfect expression of this unique land, the DNA of the Champagne House so to speak, by means of a complex blend.

In 1966, in honour of its then President, René Lalou, G.H. MUMM released a legendary prestige cuvée called René Lalou, which in its 25 year history saw only nine vintages, culminating in the highly esteemed 1985 release.

René Lalou’s spirit remains very much alive through the current Chef de Cave, Didier Mariotti, who believes this new release eloquently and elegantly showcases the true spirit of the House, by utilising 12 of the most supreme parcels of fruit from the Mumm Vineyard to which René Lalou devoted his entire working life.

“With this wine, G.H. MUMM has created a cuvée which, more than any other that has come before it, expresses the very essence of an entire landscape and history. With Cuvée R. Lalou we can taste the spirit of G.H. MUMM.”

“To make wine is to bring forth tears from the earth so as to uncover its very essence,” was a favoured Lalou expression.

Entirely appropriately, at the end of his distinguished career René Lalou was awarded the highest honour in France, being named a Commander of the Legion d’Honneur, the famous red sash that of course has adorned the legendary G.H. MUMM Cordon Rouge since 1875.

The new prestige Champagne, Cuvée R. Lalou Vintage 1999 is extremely rare and will only be available from the most discerning restaurants and fine wine retailers.

Champagne Mumm – Cuvée R. Lalou Vintage 1999 – RRP $360