Representatives of leading wine regions will gather this October in New York to celebrate the sixth anniversary signing of the Joint Declaration to Protect Wine Place & Origin, a global movement aimed at ensuring wine place names are protected and not abused or miscommunicated to consumers.

Many of the world’s most prominent wine regions have signed the Declaration and will gather to renew their commitment to protecting wine-growing place names. The 15 signatories include: Champagne, Jerez, Napa Valley, Oregon, Porto, Washington State, Walla Walla Valley, Chianti Classico, Paso Robles, Sonoma County, Tokaj, Victoria, Western Australia, Long Island and Rioja.

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Francis Ford Coppola’s Impressive Wine Collection To Be Auctioned Off This Saturday in New York

Frances Ford Coppola is best remembered for his work on the Godfather film trilogy, and Apocalypse Now.

However, for many wine enthusiasts and experts, it is his impressive wine collection, which comes from the fabled Inglenook wine cellar in Napa Valley.

Inglenook is regarded as one of the most important vineyards in the Californian region dating back to 1879.

Next Saturday’s auction two bottles of the famous Inglenook 1941 vintage are up on the auction block.

Only a handful of these wines remain in the original Inglenook cellar – making the auction more significant. Those bidding successfully for the Inglenook wines will receive a hand-written note from Francis Ford Coppola, along with the original wooden box.

The 1941 Inglenook Cabernet Sauvignon has been described as “among the greatest red wines ever made” and could sell for as much as $16,000.

Christie’s auction will take place on Saturday September 24th at the Rockefeller Centre Saleroom.

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A Master of Wine is a wine professional who has passed a number of rigorous exams, both oral and written, and without a doubt proven him/herself exceedingly knowledgeable about every aspect of the wine world.

It can take years, and for some even decades to prepare and pass the series of exams, administered by the Institute of the Masters of Wine.

This week 11 new Masters were added bringing the Institute’s membership to 300 with Masters of Wine resident in 23 different countries.

This is a small number considering that the first six Masters were awarded in 1953.

Lynne Sherriff MW, Chairman of the Institute said: ““We are delighted to welcome the 11 new Masters of Wine to our international community. I warmly and sincerely congratulate them on their amazing achievement and I am sure that each will be an excellent ambassador for wine and contribute to the continuing development of the Institute in the years ahead.”

The 11 new Masters of Wine, their nationality and country of residence are:
Michele Anderson MW (Australian living in USA)
Christy Canterbury MW (USA national and resident)
Sam Caporn MW (UK national and resident)
Mary Gorman-McAdams MW (Irish living in USA)
Andy Howard MW (UK national and resident)
Emma Jenkins MW (New Zealand national and resident)
Richard Kershaw MW (British living in South Africa)
Paul Liversedge MW (British living in Switzerland)
Caro Maurer MW (German national and resident)
Mai Tanaka MW (Japanese living in UK)
Clem Yates MW (UK national and resident).

In addition to those listed above, the first two new Masters of Wine in 2011 were announced in May, after completing their dissertations. They were:
Antony Moss MW (UK national and resident)
Dr. Liz Thach MW (USA national and resident).

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Champagne Poem: Wild Fire Wine Of France

Oh, the wild-fire wine of France, 

Quick with fantasies florescent, 

Rapturously effervescent,
How its atoms leap and dance!

Floric fount of love and laughter, 

Where its emanations rise, 

All the difficulty dies,
From now and then hereafter.

Through the happy gold-n haze 

Time’s gray cheek if bright with dimples,

And his laugh more lightly wimples
Than the sea’s on summer days.

Tongue and throat it makes to tingle, 

Beats the blood from heart to vein, 

And ascending to the brain,
Bids the spirit forth and mingle

With a world no longer grim,
But serene and sweet and spacious 

Where the girls are fair and gracious,
And the Cupids light of limb.

Soul and sense are all untethered 

Who would an angel when 

Clement king of gods and men
He can soar so grandly feathered

With thy plumage, oh Champagne?
Bottled gladness, thou magician!
Silver beaded! mist Elysiaan! 

Ecstasy of sun and rain!

Swift and subtle, glad and glorious, 

Oh, the wild-fire wine of France!

How its atoms frisk and dance!
Over fate and time victorious.


Champagne Drappier and Royal Wine Corp. Announce a Joint Venture to Launch First Ever Kosher Champagne

Royal Wine Corp., the largest importer and distributor of kosher wines in North America, and Champagne Drappier, the highly-regarded Champagne house have recently formed a joint venture to import and distribute the first-ever kosher cuvees from the famed Champagne region.

Royal Wine Corp.’s travelling winemaker Pierre Miodownick participated in the vinification of the two kosher cuvee’s, a project several years in the making. The release is set to take place for the upcoming Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah).

The two Champagnes to be released are:

Carte-D’Or Brut – blended with the traditional Champagne grapes: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier, it possesses aromas of white peaches and cherries while providing aromatics typical of a rosé Champagne though the appearance of a blanc; and

Carte Blanche – a blend made exclusively from the first pressing, fresh and fruit forward, considered to be a great “party wine” by the region.

Established in Urville, Cote des Bars, Aube since 1908, the Drappier family today grow and harvest a 75 hectare (99-acre) estate. Charles de Gaulle adorned his cellars with Drappier’s most famous cuvees. Planted by the Gallo Romans circa 1 AD, the vineyard was one of the first to be improved by the Cistercians of the Clairvaux Abbey.

Drappier is the largest champagne house in the Aube region and produces approximately 1.6 million bottles a year. Said Michel Drappier: “We are thrilled to be able to expose our hand-crafted Champagnes to a new kosher audience.”

Nathan Herzog, Executive Vice President of Royal Wine Corp. added: “As the industry leader in kosher wine, we take pride in producing and distributing the finest kosher wines. We are excited to include the Champagne house of Drappier’s stature to our select portfolio.”

Champagne Drappier
Address: Rue des Vignes, 10200 Urville
Tel: 03 25 27 40 15

Royal Wine Corp.
Address: 63 Lefante Lane PO Box 17, Bayonne, NJ 07002
Tel: 201.535.9006
Fax: 718.388.8444

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