ProWine Asia switches to Annual Cycle (Alternating Between Singapore and Hong Kong)

Unknown-2ProWein has been organized by Messe Düsseldorf for more than 20 years as the most important trade fair for wine and spirits worldwide. In 2013 the successful concept was exported to Shanghai in the form of ProWine China, in a venture with China International Exhibitions Ltd, a member of Allworld Exhibitions. Once a year the wine sector from Mainland China meets here every November. April 2016 then saw the arrival of ProWine Asia in Singapore that was initially planned as a biennial event. Due to its great success and the great demand on the part of exhibitors ProWine Asia is now to run every year, alternating between Singapore and Hong Kong. The first ProWine Asia in Hong Kong will be held from 8 – 11 May 2017.

By extending ProWine Asia in Hong Kong Messe Düsseldorf is continuing its successful cooperation with the international Allworld Group. Like in Shanghai and Singapore ProWine Asia in Hong Kong will run in parallel with a leading food fair, in this case HOFEX. The contractual partners are Messe Düsseldorf China Ltd. and Hong Kong Exhibition Services Ltd. (HKES), a member of the international Allworld Exhibitions Network. HOFEX in Hong Kong is the most important trade fair for food and drinks in the region and next year it will be celebrating its 30thanniversary. The last HOFEX in May 2015 attracted over 38,000 trade visitors from the food and catering trade. The former wine segment “Wine&Spirits@Hofex” will now be merged into ProWine Asia at the Hong Kong location and will be further extended with the help of Düsseldorf know-how. While ProWine Asia in Singapore predominantly addresses the South East Asian region ProWine Asia in Hong Kong is directed not only at the local market but also at other Asian markets such as Macao, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. 

“With ProWine Asia in Singapore we have already made a very successful entry on the South East Asian wine market. Extending ProWine Asia was therefore simply a logical consequence, especially since we boast very great experience with our partners. The annual scheduling in combination with the alternating venue has immense potential. At the same time, we provide the sector with the perfect date with ProWine Asia being held in the first half of the year. With these strong cornerstones we offer all internationally operating producers an all-round carefree package for the entire Asian continent,” says Hans Werner Reinhard, Managing Director at Messe Düsseldorf GmbH and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Messe Düsseldorf China Ltd. DanielCheung, General Manager at Hong Kong Exhibition Services Ltd adds: “We are delighted that we can offer such a qualified platform for the wine sector in parallel with HOFEX. With the experience we have gained over the past 30 years with HOFEX we know that trade visitors will very much welcome this offering in Hong Kong – especially because it comes care of such a strong brand as ProWein.” 

ProWine Asia in Hong Kong and Singapore is like ProWine China in Shanghai a pure B2B trade show. The first edition of ProWine Asia in Hong Kong runs from 8 to 11 May 2017 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. In the following year ProWine Asia will then be held again in Singapore from 24 – 27 April 2018. Further information, and soon also registration documents for exhibitors, can be found at

Confirmed Growth For The Sparkling Wine Market

imagesThe segment is extremely healthy: the global market for sparkling wines proved to be bullish once again in 2015, as confirmed by research by FranceAgriMer. Production, consumption and trade are all showing growth.

Production continues to rise

Production of sparkling wine reached 19 million hectolitres in 2015, equivalent to 2.5 billion bottles, according to data by Agrex Consulting. It accounts for 7% of global wine production, compared with 5% in 2000. 

Leading producer countries

France Germany Italy Spain
4.38 million hl 2.9 million hl 2.9 million hl 1.6 million hl

Consumption is also on the rise

Global consumption totals 17.6 million hl, up 4.1% on 2005/2014. It is growing faster than consumption of still wines which rose 1.3% over the same period.

Leading consumer countries

Germany Russia USA France
2.9 million hl 2.4 million hl 1.9 million hl 1.8 million hl

Per capita consumption

Germany France USA Russia
4.7 bottles/yr 3.7 bottles/yr 0.8 bottles/yr 2.2 bottles/yr

Exports approach 50 billion euros

7.2 million hectolitres of sparkling wines (> 3 bar) were exported in 2015, equating to 7% of global wine exports. Over ten years, export volumes have almost doubled. Sparkling wines posted 48.6 billion euros in turnover with bottle prices averaging at 6.7 euros/litre, three times the price tag for still wines. Three countries dominate exports: Italy, France and Spain. Italy ranks first by volume with growth of 216% between 2005 and 2015. France leads the way by value thanks to its top end offering Champagne with 55% of turnover for French sparkling wines ascribed to this one appellation. Conversely, French sparkling wines lost ground by volume (-9 points) and value (-10 points) in 2005-2015.

Share of the three leading countries of global sparkling wine exports

Italy France Spain
Volume 38% 24% 23%
Value 20% 61% 9%

Great Britain leads the way for imports

The United Kingdom ranks first by volume with an 18% share but is outstripped by the United States in value terms (19% of imports). 59% of British imports by value come from France. The United States have witnessed soaring sparkling wine imports which have surged by 80% in ten years. The average price tag in the States is high at 9.2 euros compared with 5.8 euros in the UK.

Germany is the second largest importer country by volume, followed by the United States. Prices are low in Germany with the market generating only 10% of the value of global imports. Semi-sparkling wines are the most popular which explains why the average price per litre is just 2 euros.

Source: FranceAgriMer

Wine Review: 2014 La Crema “Sonoma Coast” Chardonnay, and 2013 La Crema “Sonoma Coast” Pinot Noir

La Crema Winery

La Crema Winery is a family-owned estate in the Russian River Valley that specializes in Burgundian-style Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs from cool climate vineyards found in in Sonoma and Mendocino counties. Established in 1979, La Crema quickly gained reputation for quality and consistently fine wines.

The estate is owned and operated by sister duo Laura Jackson-Giron and Jennifer Jackson. Their wines are handcraft, one barrel at a time. This is often reflected in the taste – where you will find balance, finesse and great fruit intensity which comes through in every glass.

A few winemakers developed the “La Crema Winery Style” through the years, including Dan Goldfield, Jeff Stewart, Melissa Stackhouse, and most recently (2010), Canadian Elizabeth Grant-Douglas.

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