5th Annual Global Champagne Day – Friday, October 24th

What is Global Champagne Day?

Champagne professionals and enthusiasts around the world gather in ‘virtual appreciation’ of Champagne to celebrate Global Champagne Day. They are encouraged to blog, tweet, post and share their celebrations using the hashtag #ChampagneDay.

For fun, send a #ChampagneDay greeting card and spread the word – www.champagneis.com/ecard

So pick up a flute, or a bottle and join the Global Day celebration – in person or online as we sip, savor and share!


Liz Palmer
Author of The Ultimate Guide to Champagne – Release date 2015
Twitter: @Champagnehouses
Facebook: LizPalmerChampagne

It’s Official: Prelude “Grands Crus” Taittinger is now served on Singapore Airlines, Business Class

Business Class customers on Singapore Airlines can now enjoy the exquisite taste of Prelude “Grands Crus” from the house of Taittinger.

Produced by one of the few remaining family-owned champagne houses, Prelude “Grands Crus” is made with the first pressings of an equal portion of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, selected from Grand Cru vineyards.

“We’re pleased to be offering Taittinger Prelude “Grands Crus” to our Business Class customers. Prelude “Grands Crus” is made solely from the best Grand Cru vineyards in the Taittinger family’s own estate and is then aged for more than five years in their cellars. For elegance in the glass and exclusivity in the air, this is something really special,” said Singapore Airlines Wine Panel member Oz Clarke.

“Our new Business Class offering is testament to the lengths we go to for our customers to enjoy champagne from one of the best vineyards in the world. This outstanding champagne is a joyous blend of finesse and complexity, which will certainly delight the most discerning palates,” said Senior Vice President Product & Services, Mr Tan Pee Teck.

Over 194,000 bottles of champagne are consumed on Singapore Airlines flights annually. Currently, Singapore Airlines is the only airline that serves two other prestige cuvées, Dom Perignon and Krug Grand Cuvée.